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Thinking of creating a classical look for your living room? The Classical Wallpaper patterns are available in a range of stunning colors and designs.

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Wide range of modern wallpaper brands and designs are available to keep you on the latest trend. Visit the Best Wallpaper shop in Noida to view all modern wallpaper collections

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Flowers and Nature have always been an inspiration for wallpaper designers because they bring joy and life to the space. We have extensive collection of beautiful floral wallpaper designs and patterns to choose from.

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Give a new look to your living room with our elegant designs of natural wallpapers. Visit the best Wallapaper store in Noida and make selection of your favorite wallpaper designs

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This is a great wallpaper design which looks fantastic when installed on any walls. Meet our exclusive range of luxury wallpapers at Highwall home wallapaper Shop in Noida.

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Concrete wallpapers can be easily installed in any room of the house you want to create urban look and feel. They are available in a series of shades, patterns, varying from light to dark gray.

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Stone wallpaper creates a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere to the space. The wide selection of stone wallpaper designs suits every room in the house.

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Plain wallpapers give a clean and neat look to your home walls. Many people want to keep their living space simple and plain, so here at High Wall wallpaper store we offer a variety of beautiful shades to fall in love with.

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Creating a stylish look to office is very challenging. Get a Professional and clean installation service for your office walls from experts & and turn that space into a more productive & stylish environment.

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Wooden effect wallpaper designs are a fresh decorative idea for your home walls and are very much in trend these days. Get your room installed with our wooden textured wallpapers and create a realistic environment.

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Searching for the perfect shop to buy Brick wallpapers in Noida?. Brick wallpaper can be chosen to style a perfect home. Buy our great range of Brick effect Wallpapers including red brick wallpaper and grey brick wallpaper all at great prices.

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3D wallpapers bring life to your walls. Our 3D wallpaper can be installed to the background of TV Walls, sofa, bed head, staircase, children room, study room and kitchen etc, Visit your nearest wallpaper store to buy 3D wallpaper designs for walls.

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Designing a beautiful kids room can be a challenge. because it must please the kids. With our elegant wallpapers designs we create rooms that are simple, stylish, and ultimately comfortable for kids. If your are looking to buy wallpaper for walls, contact Highwall - the Wallpaper dealers in Noida.

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The best selection of wall murals are available here to choose from the most stunning photographs of the city, monuments to natural landscapes and many more. Book installation of High Quality Wall murals at Highwall wallpaper store located in Noida and create your own custom mural wall for your home or Office.


Wall Textures


This heavily textured Vinyl wallpaper covers minor wall imperfections. It is durable and easy to remove. Contact the best Wallpaper Distributors in Noida and get your walls renovated in an elegant manner.

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LED Wallpapers are perfect solution to create a feature wall in the room that will stand out. The LEDs provide energy efficient lighting providing the right atmosphere for any interior. Call us and find ideas and inspiration for Led Wallpaper to add to your own home.

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Grass Cloth

Grasscloth wall covering is extremely textural and has a natural quality. Grass cloth is a fine light cloth, prized mainly for its outstanding textures and natural appearance. When installed it gives the room a more luxurious and hotel-like feeling.

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Paper Textured Wallpaper covers minor wall imperfections. Renew your place with our Paper wallpapers to add a pleasant and warm look to your home. Contact us for the Professional Wallpaper Installation Services in Noida.

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Fabric wallpaper looks great for bedrooms and living room and it’s a great solution for renters!. It is super easy to remove from your wall and it looks just as good as traditional wallpaper. Create your own removable Fabric wallpaper with Wallpapers, Noida’s favorite destination for Wallpapers.

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Looking to add a splash of color to brighten up your room? Consider incorporating trendy, geometric-patterned flock wallpaper into the design. With our Velvet Wallpaper, create a space that showcases your personality. The High Wall, Wallpaper showroom in Noida carries a stylish collection of Velvet flocked wallpaper in modern and other designs.

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Leather wallpaper for rich and classy walls.
Leather Wallpaper is incredibly durable in terms of look and touch. Create the ultimate luxury space with leather wallpaper from The High Wall.

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Silk wallpapers for grand and eye catching walls.
Silk creates a rich look that distinguishes silk wall coverings from any other. Check out our beautiful silk wall wallpaper designs to add to your home decor.

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Mica Wall coverings made from environmentally friendly natural products; creates an elegant and creative style to your home and office. To learn more about Mica Wallpapers contact the largest distributor of wall coverings in Noida.

Wall Textures


Cork wallpaper is the latest texture available for your walls. Cork has all the beauty of providing a rich, natural look to any room wall. Contact your nearest wallpaper dealers and get a professional wallpaper Installation service for your home and office.

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Give that Sparkle and Shiny look to your home with our wide range of stunning metallic wallpapers available in silver, gold, copper, bronze and other styles.

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Glass Beads

Glass Bead Wallpaper makes the room glamorous with its beautiful relfection. Check out this fabulous wallpaper range in a large array of colors and excitingly trendy patterns.


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